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Fellow Livermore residents,

With the strong endorsements of Mayor Marchand and all of my fellow City Council Members, I announce my candidacy for Mayor of Livermore with great enthusiasm. I would like your support so that we may build upon the progress we’ve made as a community and spearhead change as needed in the city we love. I’ve served as your Council Member for the past 8 years, 3 times as Vice Mayor, and on the Planning Commission. I’ve thoughtfully listened to all views and collaborated effectively to make our city financially strong and a wonderful place to live and work. I’m proud of the many improvements we see in Livermore and am looking forward to helping us continue to thrive as we navigate through the challenges we now face.

As your Mayor in these unprecedented times, I will draw upon my years of leadership experience in city government, as well as my professional scientific and business expertise to serve our community. Beginning with the City’s recovery from the 2008 great recession through our recent decisions on the downtown, I have a solid record of accomplishment in working well with our community, my colleagues on the city council and staff to solve problems. I will continue to ensure that our law enforcement and social services are responsive to the needs of all in our community while keeping transparency and accountability a priority in our City government. I will address the need for more diverse housing, and support smart, balanced growth while applying sound fiscal management as we weather the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most importantly, we need to come together as a community and work respectfully and attentively to address our challenges. A recent example of this is the creative agreement I initiated between the City, Interfaith Housing, and the Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association which resulted in much needed housing for seniors and veterans as well as a beautiful new park in our downtown. It’s been gratifying to help the grass roots coalition successfully secure an anti-vaping ordinance. I also initiated the City’s asset management program, which ensures our critical infrastructure is safe and properly maintained now and for future generations.

We must meet these extraordinary times with thoughtful and proven leadership. My constructive relationships with key local and regional leaders in the public and private sectors will be very beneficial as we join together to implement change. Livermore’s future is bright and full of opportunity, but we have difficult challenges and decisions ahead of us that the next Mayor must be able to tackle on day one. I am fully prepared and would be honored to serve our community as your Mayor.


Bob Woerner
Vice Mayor, City of Livermore