Bob Woerner has the experience to keep us moving forward

As your next Mayor, I will work to enhance Livermore’s remarkable quality of life by:

Ensuring public safety for all in our community

  • I will continue to make sure our first responders have the resources they need to effectively carry out their core mission to keep everyone safe.

  • Because of my financial leadership Livermore will not have to lay off any first responders because of the pandemic.

  • Also a top priority is making sure Livermore has an effective emergency response capability.

Preserving our financial strength and maintaining our critical infrastructure 

  • I will continue to use my financial expertise to ensure we spend wisely as we weather the pandemic and support our businesses as they recover.

  • Livermore is now in better financial shape than most cities because I previously drove the rapid restoration, and significant increase, of the city’s operating reserves after the Great Recession and led the successful effort to resolve the $109M unfunded OPEB liability.

  • I will follow through on the City’s Asset Management Program that I initiated to accurately assess the condition of Livermore’s infrastructure and to make informed decisions with community input on the maintenance priorities.

Promoting an inclusive community where all are heard and treated respectfully 

  • The council subcommittee on Equity & Inclusion, which I initiated, is leading a Working Group of citizens with diverse perspectives to develop action items for ensuring Livermore is safe and welcoming to all.

  • I actively promote diversity on City Boards and Commissions and encourage dialogue from all parts of our community in reaching collaborative solutions.

Championing open space, smart growth and diverse housing 

  • Balanced land-use decisions are a major factor in maintaining and improving our quality of life.

  • I will continue to protect our Urban Growth Boundary and ensure quality infill developments by providing creative solutions to difficult problems as shown by my track record. 

  • For example, I originated the plan which lead to the exchange of land between the City and Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association resulting in housing for seniors and veterans and a beautiful park in Livermore’s downtown.

Finishing the downtown plan

  • All components of the city’s approved plan to keep the downtown the cornerstone of our wonderful city can proceed because Measure P overwhelmingly passed.

  • I will lead the effort to build the city parking garages as soon as financially prudent as we recover from the pandemic so that parking is maintained while our private partners build.

  • I will also encourage and help our private partners to build a hotel, cultural assets and workforce housing as soon as they can.

Strongly and effectively representing Livermore on vital regional issues

  • Livermore needs experienced leadership to protect its interests at the regional and state level on many vital issues including: housing allocations, transportation projects, water supplies, climate change initiatives, open space protection and land-use decisions.

  • I have served on regional boards and committees over many years and have earned the respect of my colleagues from our neighboring jurisdictions.

  • My track record shows that I will be an effective champion of Livermore’s interests.

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