We believe that engagement with the citizens of Livermore is essential for a successful political process and helps ensure that the values of the community are heard.

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Our campaigns is built by the people spending their time for a cause they believe in.  That cause is supported by donations that help get our message out. 

We are asking you and every other person invested in the future of Livermore-- of all ages, all professions, and all walks of life-- to give what they can, whether it’s $3, $10, $100, or $1,000.

Your donation will help this campaign print yard signs and fliers, along with hosting this campaign website, and create campaign videos. Every dollar we get helps us spread the word farther and will help us win. 

Your Voice Matters

People listen to people they trust and respect. You are that trusted source to your friends, neighbors, and family members who live in Livermore.


Here are a few ways to reach out:

Share Information on Social Media

You can directly tell people why you support Bob 4 Mayor or share posts from the social media of our campaign. When you spread the word, your friends and neighbors know that you truly care about the future of our community.

Get a Yard Sign

One of the easiest ways to let your friends and neighbors know you support Bob Woerner 4 Mayor is to put a sign in your yard. Yard signs will show how many citizens of Livermore truly supports Bob's work and the work he will continue to do. Click the button bellow and fill out the form. Then we will make sure that a Yard Sign gets dropped off at your house.  Yard Signs will be available in September.

Write an Endorsement

Make your support official and share why you support Bob Woerner's campaign. We will feature your support on our endorsement page and on other official campaign communications. Your sincere endorsement speaks volumes.

Host an Event

We truly believe that when Livermore voters are educated on why Bob Woerner is the best choice for Mayor, they will vote for him. Bob is volunteering his time to talk to voters about his success and Livermore's future.   

During the Covid-19 crisis, Bob wants to make sure the people of Livermore are safe.  That is why for the foreseeable future we will be hosting virtual events.  This way you get the chance to meet Bob, hear what work he wants to continue, and hang out, all from a safe place.

Join the Movement


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