Bob Woerner draws on his wide range of experience to achieve tangible results

Vice Mayor Bob Woerner is a proven leader with a solid record of accomplishments throughout his many years of public service. Most notably, Livermore has remained safe and financially strong, with sufficient reserves to weather the current crises.  The Stockmen's Park deal enabled Livermore to continue making progress on improving the downtown after years of delay. 


Bob has been elected twice to the City Council, serving three times as Vice Mayor.  Prior to being appointed to the council in 2012, Bob was on the Planning Commission.  Bob currently represents the City of Livermore on the boards of the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department joint powers authority, the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (Wheels), and the Livermore Amador Valley Waste Management Authority (LAVMA). He is also on the Altamont Open Space and Livermore Intergovernmental committees, and is the Council’s liaison to Livermore Downtown Inc, the Stockmen's Rodeo Association and the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Bob was recently appointed to Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley’s Working Group on Racial Justice.

Highlighted Accomplishments 

Proposed Stockmen's Park

Bob was the one to bring people together and then propose Stockmen's Park downtown.  This concept moved some affordable housing offsite, and created a park that honors Livermore's western heritage along with a monument to Livermore Valley veterans. 

Kept Livermore Financially Strong

Bob worked extremely hard to make sure that Livermore's budget was in the best financial shape it could be.  He pushed for rapid restoration of the City's operating reserves that had been depleted by the Great Recession, increasing the total reserves to around $42 million (more than doubling the low point of $18 Million). This fiscal responsibility has saved some of our City's vital services that would have been cut during this time of crisis.  

Initiated Livermore's Asset Management Program

Bob Woerner initiated the Asset Management Program to get a data-driven and accurate picture of the current condition and costs to maintain our infrastructure to the levels deemed appropriate by the community. This is needed to ensure we can properly budget our resources and keep Livermore financially strong.

Negotiated Bringing Concannon Winery into the City Limits

He negotiated the deal with environmental groups to bring Concannon Winery into the city limits so it could maintain its tasting room and restaurant operations. 

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Co-authored Two Separate Successful Ballot Initiatives

Bob Co-authored two successful ballot initiatives that eliminated paid benefits and limited future stipend increases for Council members. In addition to directly reducing City expenses, these leadership actions by the Council to reduce its compensation enabled City staff to enter into better labor contracts with the employee unions. 

Saved the City Millions 

He solved the City's $109-million Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) liability, which was not being addressed by the annual operating budget. By changing to a full-funding-commitment policy and through good labor negotiations, the liability is now reduced to approximately $37 million. It is also fully addressed in the current balanced annual operating budget and in the City's long-term financial plan.